Business Telephone Systems

Small Business Solutions

We offer small to mid-size businesses like yours completely customizable and scalable communications solutions that are reliable, affordable and flexible, allowing you to be more responsive to your customers, to stay better connected to remote and mobile colleagues, and to quickly and effectively adapt to changes and challenges in the marketplace. After all, when it's your business, there's nothing small about it. The TDA50G is a conventional phone system suitable for small businesses. The system can be configured to support up to 24 extensions maximum and has built-in caller ID capability.

Multi-Location Solutions

Panasonic Network Communication Platforms (NCP) offer businesses like yours advanced, all-in-one solutions designed to meet your challenging communication needs. Productivity applications, including call center, Communication Assistant and visual monitoring for up to 172 extensions, improve and streamline your overall business information exchange by facilitating more effective ways of communicating with your employees and your customers.

NCP also allows anytime, anywhere access to a number of business communication applications through a wide range of smart and user-friendly wired and wireless devices.

Benefits include:

  • Built-in voice messaging and Automated Attendant functionality
  • Advanced voicemail using optional TVA50 and TVA200 voice processing systems
  • Mobility applications that support mobile phones as office extensions
  • Support for remote workers and remote offices
  • Access to cordless handsets that work anywhere in your building
  • Remote management, upgrades and monitoring for your phone system
  • Desktop, network, and business application integration
  • Communication Assistant call management software
  • Built-in support for Advanced IP extensions, as well as SIP phones
  • Integrated SIP solutions via SIP trunking providers for more affordable long-distance calling

NCP Network Communication Platform - an all-in-one communication, collaboration and monitoring solution for your business.

Large Business Solutions

A growing online retailer, a busy hospital a growing restaurant chain, a prestigious university... What's the common ingredient shared by successful organizations?

The answer: A powerful and versatile communications system that instantly and cost effective links employees to customers and each other, no matter where their location.

No longer bound by the desk-centered work environment, businesses are now leveraging the power of "virtual offices" which let employees take the communications resources of the home office on the road - whether they're at home, the airport or a branch office in another country. In such a dynamic, decentralized environment, it's essential that businesses communicate effectively, anytime, anywhere.

The KX-TDE is engineered with features that complement today's decentralized, mobile business environment including:

  • State-of-the-art wireless capability. Stay in touch with employees that are constantly on the move or away from their desks.
  • Networking capability using advanced IP technology, ISDN, or basic T1 services. Perfect for business with multiple locations.
  • Centralized voice mail support. Service all locations within the extended voice mail network and view the status of extensions in other locations.

Panasonic TDE systems help businesses maximize productivity by staying in touch with everyone, wherever they may be, by adding value to business processes and allowing anytime, anywhere access to all communication. The TDE is a system that will serve the growing needs of your company for years to come.

  • The TDE allows you to add cards to accommodate additional extensions, COs or features, or you can activate the system's built-in virtual IP ports by adding licenses.
  • The TDE's modular design lets you expand quickly and seamlessly with the use of expansion shelves - up to a maximum of 640 CO lines and more than 1,000 extensions for even the largest, enterprise applications.
  • TDE systems can be networked together up to 16 sites to seamlessly link all your business communications.